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About us

Our mission

Ibsen Awards aim is to discuss Ibsen, theatre and political relevance from a contemporary perspective – in a world where the social, political an economical landscape is rapidly changing. 

Henrik Ibsen is a key figure in theatre history. His discussions of emerging modernity and his different treatments of poetics vs reality has set strong marks around the globe. Is theatre a representation of a time and an era? Does Ibsen’s plays resonate the local and global challenges of today? 

With Ibsen’s dramatic universe as a pivoting point for addressing different conflicts and thresholds between the local and the global, the private and the collective, them and us, we wanted to investigate the relations between the theatre and society in different parts of the world.

The festival

Skien International Ibsen Festival is a biennial theatre festival that addresses Ibsen, theatre and political and social relevance.

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The Scholarships

Ibsen Scholarships are biennially awarded innovative projects in the field of drama and performing arts that act as incentives for critical discourse in regards to existential and society-related subject matters concerning Henrik Ibsen.

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